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The article concerns a new methodology of compilation of a dictionary of toponyms, formed by me, which protects authorship of each person who was first to document each toponym. We have twice touched upon the methodology of compilation of a toponym dictionary: in 2018 and in 2021. We are forced to remind once more to those, who are willing to make a toponym dictionary, the necessity of respecting the methodology I have proposed, as, without taking into consideration this new way, we are led to violation of previous authors, first authors.
We should especially note that this issue has never been risen, nobody has examined it neither verbally, nor in written, it has not taken an appearance of the scientific etiquette. So if ten persons had published the same toponyms of the same village or region, all of them would claim that they are the original authors.

And so it happened.
In onomastic space while compiling a toponym dictionary, those scientists deserve the right of original authors, who has especially published toponym dictionaries, in which for the first time are included the toponyms, obtained in field from informers, or toponyms, scattered in various sources
The necessity of third publication of the new methodology was caused by two factors:
1) This issue is published in my books; by publishing it in a scientific magazine the proposed methodology will become more accessible for toponym specialists,
2) Most importantly, despite being published twice, the violation of the first author of toponyms was repeated again, that is, disregarding my material, which we are talking about at the beginning: “Don’t leave the old way” – sometimes is wrong.