Onomastica, Stvilia Salia, Geria, Gersamia, Jomidava, Herostratus


The purpose of this study is to analyze the etymology of three Georgian
(Megrelian) family names; The authors have added new materials to the
existed findings.
1. The last name Stvilia: the opinion of the family name “Stvilia” being
originated from the Georgian word “stviri” (სტჳრი/სტვირი) – pipe, wind
instrument is developed further by bringing into discussion the Ancient
Greek semantic unit “στῦλ-ος ὅ” “სტჳლ-ოს” which semantically and
phonetically stands very close to the Georgian (Megr.) family name.
According to the findings of this research, Georgian and Greek words “στῦλ-ος ὅ”/ სტვირი” should share the same origin: “Beside στῦ-
λος stands in Indoiran. Av. stū-̆ na- m., stu-nā f., Skt. sthū-nā f.
(on ṇ Mayrhofer Mél. d'indianisme [Paris 1968] 509 f.) `pillar’with suffixal l-nvariation (Benveniste Origines 43); the basic verb is in Greek represented by στύω (s. v.). Here also with diff. ablaut σταυρός and στοά (s. vv.). Cf. furt her στύπος.
The length of the vowel is rather difficult with the proposed etymolog
y; I rather suspect that the word is of Pre-Greek originPage in Frisk: 2,813;”
The authors reference other significant lexicographers such as Beekes, Frisk, and Babiniotis. The article explains the phonetic process this Indo-European word experienced when entering the Georgian semantic space.
2. The last name Salia: according to the current data, the family name
“Salia” originates from the Hebrew word “Saul” (N. Jomedava); however, the authors explore five other possibilities in the article. No phonetic rules can prevent these possibilities from being shared by other scientists. The authors extensively explore the possible connection to the college of Romaic priests/priestess “Salii”: “I Salii, orum m [salio II]” or similar relation to the Latin verb “II salio, salui (ii), saltum, ire. 1) to jump, leap“. The article explores the Latin etymology as well: “PIE *sh2l-ie/o- 'to jump', *sh2l-to-. IE cognates: Olr. saltraid 'to trample', MWsathar 'trampling' < *sat-tro-^ W. satkru, Bret, saotran 'to soil'; Skt. pr. Sisarsi [2s.act.], sisrate [,] 'to flow, run, hurry5< PIE *seL; Gr. δλλομαι 'to jump'.”
3. The last name Geria: the family name “Geria” is assumed to have
derived either from the Georgian (Megr.) word “geri” (გერი) - wolf or the
Georgian word “geri” (გერი) - stepson/stepdaughter (N. Jomedava). The
word “გერი” (gēr) in Georgian currently is considered to be of Hebrew origin (Lerner, Biniashvili), and it is closely examined in the article; The root “ger” is attested in the Bible: “1 Ezr. 8, 2. Γηρσαμ/Gershom/Гирсам (Гершом), Old Georgian “gerson-s” (გერსამ/გერსონ-ს), New Georgian “Gershom” (გერშომ)”.
The authors also connect other Georgian family names გერსამია/Gersamia, ჯერვალიძე/ Jervalidze to this Hebrew (Semite) root “gēr”.
The researchers demonstrate multiple factual materials of lexical and
other categories.