Alexandre Kazbegi, Dramaturgy, “David’s family”, “The Torture of Queen Ketevan”, “Arsena”


The drama genre in the works of Alexandre Kazbegi proves that an
artistic word of the artist is full of deep emotions, as the human pains covered in religious cover is felt like the universal problems, as existence of the human being is linked with the sinful earthy environment.
Alexandre Kazbegi demonstrated human problems, the spirit of the
epoch, peculiarities of understanding the universe making key truth clearer.
The dramaturgy feels the pain of the epoch deeper, own pain is also shown to the reader on the surface, having linkage the personal pain to the God, homeland, nation and is transformed into general torture and tears.
The philosophy of Kazbegi shows combination of a new epoch with the
painful issues, psychological researches which regularly characterized to the author and it met the severe requirements of the epoch this way and filled the gap and planned hopeful future.
The work analysis the artistic and esthetic value of the dramaturgy of
Alexandre Kazbegi, including “Davit’s family”, “Torture of the Queen Ketevan” and “Arsena”, psycho-emotional peculiarities of the character,
national values reflecting the epoch and philosophy of the artist.