TURKISH TOPONYMS IN TAO (Khevai, Kvabai, Balkhi)


In this article there is the analyses llinguistic aspects of Iusefali region Georgian spoken villages ethnic groups in Turkey according the toponym materials collected by us. There is given the influence of Turkish language on the geographic area of given villages inhabitance.

In the Parkhlistskali valley villages  (Khevai, Kvabai, Balkhi)micro toponym almost Georgian, but there are some cases from Turkish names, which is the result of influence of two different languages, bilinguals in Tao, Georgian and Turkish. Georgian toponyms changes smoothly, loses time to time, some Turkish names replace them. The process can be changed, stoppedand it has the risk for the future of Georgian language in the abovementioned region. To collect the materials, micro toponyms in these regions has essential meaning.

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