• Giorgi Sosiashvili


Early in the 15th century the Tavkhelisdze family obtained large estate in Shida Kartli. A representative of the Tavkhelisdze family – Asat Tavkhelisdze granted Catholicos slaves living in his estate Grani (maybe it was Grdani, mentioned by Vakhushti). Likely, he won the rights to build a chapel in Tiri monastery. According to Tiri monastery document, Asat Tavkhelisze had slaves in Tskhinvali. It is possible that he got those slaves after relocating in Shida Kartli, or maybe when Khela Tavkhelisdze became a treasurer, he granted his father peasants living in Tskhinvali. ―Holy Mother of Tavdebi‖ in Tiri monastery used to be the Tavkhelisdzes‘ shrine, for which Khela Tavkhelidze gave a large donation. Before the Tavkhelisdzes, the Machabelis also donated slaves to Tiri monastery. Likely, Royal state granted Khela the Machabeli estate. Peasants donated by the Machabeli family were still alive during Khela‘s rise and imposed additional taxes for Tiri monastery. In the Tavkhelisdze family, Borti st. Mary was especially respected. Likely, Borti st. Mary was situated in the village of Borti, located in Tedzami valley and belonging to the Tavkhelidzes. Otherwise, it‘s hard to explain that the Tavkhelisdzes built a prayer after Borti st. Mary next to Tiri monastery. In deference to abovementioned prayer, in the Tavkhelisdze family, Borti was very popular name. Later we come across the name in the Machabeli feudal house. This house belonged not to extinguished old surname ―Machabeli‖ but the Tavkhelisdzes successor assigned as Machabeli. Likely, Khela Tavkhelisdze and his family members were buried in the Borti st. Mary prayer. Tavkhelisdze donated estate to Tavdebi st. Mary church of Tiri monastery located over Caucasus for the sake of his parents and a brother. Taxes from Dvaleti used to be collected even before Khela Tavkhelidze‘s career. Maybe, those taxes were imposed by estate owner the Machabelis for Tiri monastery before appearing of the Tavkhelisdzes. Along with Dvalety, Khela also taxed Zhghele valley. The Tavkhelisdzes‘ estates covered a large area, including Didi Liakhvi valley (Meghvrekisi, Sabatsminda, Achabeti, Kemerti, Maghran-Dvaleti. Later Magran-Dvaleti became the property of Ksani Eristavi), Dvaleti and Zhghele valley which was the part of Davleti. Famili members of the Tavkelisdzes owned estate in Tskhinvali, Garejvari, Phkhvenisi etc.